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Proven Representation for I-10 Accident Injury Victims – Interstate 10 Freeway Accident Lawyer

People are involved in motor vehicle accidents on the I-10 freeway on an almost daily basis with many of these collisions resulting in life-altering injuries or fatalities.  The Interstate 10 freeway is considered one of America’s most dangerous freeways.  The section of the I-10 freeway that runs through the Riverside County area has been rated as the second most dangerous freeway for car accident related fatalities in the U.S.  The Riverside County portion of the I-10 freeway has been the location of 440 car accidents and 515 fatalities during a recent 14 year period covered in a recent study of the most dangerous roads in America.  This amounts to an average of three car accident fatalities per month on just this limited section of the I-10 freeway.

Unique Characteristics of Interstate 10

While the section of the I-10 in the Los Angeles County area (Santa Monica Freeway) rates a little better, it is still considered the eighth most dangerous freeway in in America.  The Santa Monica Freeway (I-10) is the site of just under two car crash related fatalities per month.  The portion of the I-10 freeway that runs through San Bernardino County (San Bernardino Freeway) is rated as the 20th most dangerous segment of roadway in America averaging approximately 1.5 deaths per month.

The entire I-10 freeway is 2,460 miles long and constitutes the east-west freeway that is located furthest to the south.  This makes it an important route for both long distance travelers and commercial trucks.  This means that fatigued truck drivers or operators of tractor-trailers using stimulant drugs to keep driving are a serious risk.  Drowsy drivers of motor vehicle that may be making long cross country trips for vacation or to visit family also may be the cause of serious I-10 motor vehicle collisions.

While it is tempting to assume that traffic accidents rates are hypothetical in nature with little chance of touching your life, thousands of families lose a loved one or have someone in their family seriously injured in car accidents on Interstate 10 each year.  Many portions of the I-10 during commuter periods can feel like you are in a parking lot which may make drivers impatient and bored.  This can result in drivers talking on cell phones, sending text messages or reading the newspaper to fight off boredom.  Bumper to bumper commuter traffic and distracted driving collisions frequently result in distracted driving rear-end collisions.

Risk Factors in I-10 Freeway Accidents

Potentially more dangerous is the risk that driver impatience or frustration when battling I-10 traffic jams will result in road rage incidents and aggressive driving accidents.  While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they describe two separate types of injury risk to California I-10 motorists. 

Aggressive driving essentially involves engaging multiple violations of California motor vehicle laws or unsafe driving practices that may demonstrate a conscious disregard for the safety of others.  Any example might include speeding down the freeway at 100 mph in heavy traffic while weaving in and out of traffic and passing vehicles on the shoulder of the freeway.  This is not only discourteous and illegal but shows an indifference to the safety of others.  This type of behavior is most common in heavy traffic where impatient drivers become agitated and frustrated. 

Road rage may be caused by aggressive driving but is an intentional act of violence, such as ramming another vehicle or firing into the passenger compartment of a vehicle.  While both aggressive driving and road rage may result in punitive damage to punish the unsafe driver and discourage exceptionally objectionable behavior, road rage may also result in criminal charges.

There are other types of unsafe driving behavior that may contribute to a serious injury accident on Interstate 10 including the following:

  • Exceeding the posted speed limit or driving unsafe given adverse weather conditions
  • Failing to comply with the two second following rule or following to close based on rate of speed
  • Driver inattention while driver multi-task by driving while reading, texting, eating, watching videos or putting on makeup
  • Weaving through traffic and unsafe lane changes
  • Defective components or motor vehicles
  • Failure of drivers to check blind spots
  • Drivers impaired by any form of drugs or alcohol
  • Driving the wrong way on the freeway

Seeking Maximum Recovery for Injuries in Collisions on Interstate 10 in California

If you or a loved one is involved in an Interstate 10 car accident in California, the result can be devastating and debilitating personal injuries including but not limited to the following:

  • Fractures, bone crush injures and broken bones
  • Spinal damage resulting in paraplegia and quadriplegia
  • Burns, lacerations and abrasions
  • Whiplash
  • Neck, shoulder and back injuries
  • Head trauma resulting in brain damage
  • Dislocations
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Wrongful death

When you suffer significant injuries in an Interstate 10 auto collision, you may experience extreme financial hardships because you are unable to work while medical bills mount.  An experienced California I-10 freeway accident attorney may be able to obtain compensation for these types of financial losses as well as emotional distress, pain and suffering, loss of life enjoyment and other forms of damages based on the details of your I-10 freeway accident case. 

An Interstate 10 freeway accident attorney can provide careful investigation of the facts, thorough analysis of the law, effective negotiation with insurance companies and persuasive courtroom advocacy.  A California I-10 freeway accident attorney also can answer your questions and advise you regarding your legal rights and remedies.

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