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While many of us who reside and work in Bakersfield know that California streets and highways are amongst the most dangerous in terms of accident related injuries and fatalities, many do not think that these dangers are as prevalent in Bakersfield and elsewhere throughout Kern County.  However, Bakersfield is among the ten largest California cities by population so traffic congestion affects Bakersfield like other large California cities.

The California Highway Patrol Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITERS) for 2009 gives a more complete picture of the dangers posed by negligent or reckless drivers in Bakersfield and throughout Kern County. Fatal car accidents claimed the lives of 159 people in Kern County and 26 in Bakersfield alone.  Another 4,652 people were injured in Kern County car accidents with over 1,500 of those injuries occurring in Bakersfield.  More thorough analysis of the Highway Patrol data shows that Bakersfield motor vehicle accidents involve all types of vehicles and occupants:

                                   Drivers                   Passengers            Motorcyclists      Bicyclists                     Pedestrians

Fatalities                  11                            7                                1                            2                                   6

Injuries                     878                         508                           50                          41                                 91

If you experience serious injuries in a Bakersfield motor vehicle accident, it is predictable to dread dealing with insurance and legal issues when trying to overcome the physical injuries and emotional trauma that accompany serious injury in a sudden unanticipated Bakersfield car accident.  The scene of a car accident is a chaotic environment where one’s decisions and actions can greatly impact one’s legal rights.

It is important to avoid making statements at the scene of your Bakersfield traffic accident that may be misconstrued as an admission of fault.  When you are injured in an auto accident in Bakersfield, you also should summon the police to the auto collision scene and preserve evidence by taking photos and gathering contact information for witnesses.  Even if you have only minor symptoms, you should still seek medical attention.

Insurance companies will vigorously defend Bakersfield car accident claims, which may include utilizing unethical practices.  Many insurance companies deny claims or substantially undervalue claims to increase profits.  The other driver’s insurance company may contact you to negotiate a potential settlement.  Generally, you should avoid negotiating directly with the insurance company without legal representation.  Insurance company adjusters handle thousands of claims and have a great deal of experience in denying Bakersfield auto accident victims the full value of their claim.  An experienced Bakersfield personal injury law firm can protect you from insurance company tricks that may derail your Bakersfield auto accident claim.

Understanding Fault Issues in a Bakersfield Car Accident

While there is a virtually limitless basis for imposing fault in a Bakersfield car accident, negligence is the usual legal grounds for imposing liability.  Negligence in this context typically means unreasonably unsafe driving that poses a foreseeable risk of car accident related injuries.  While most Bakersfield car accidents are caused by the negligent driving of passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, tractor-trailers and other vehicles, other motor vehicle collisions are caused by unsafe roads or defective motor vehicles.  Because some parties that contribute to a serious car accident may be uninsured or lack adequate insurance, it is important that your Bakersfield personal injury attorney identify all potential liable parties.  Some of the most common forms of negligent driving that may give rise to a Bakersfield car accident injury claim include the following:

  • Violations of California Rules of the Road
  • Drivers operating motor vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Failing to allow sufficient following distance by tailgating or speeding
  • Defective motor vehicles or vehicle component parts
  • Driver inattention because of portable electronic devices, eating, grooming or otherwise not focusing on the road
  • Disregarding maximum speed limits or failing to obey California’s Basic Speed Law
  • Weaving through traffic
  • Failing to repair traffic lights or correct other roadway hazards

These forms of unsafe driving can result in many types of vehicle collisions.  Different kinds of motor vehicle collisions involve distinct issues so it is important to work with a Bakersfield car accident attorney that has experience handling many varieties of motor vehicle accidents.  Tractor-trailer accidents involve industry specific regulations whereas motorcycle and pedestrian accidents tend to involve catastrophic injuries.  Skilled Bakersfield car accident lawyers will understand the specific legal and factual issues involved in a wide range of collisions including the following:

  • Single vehicle run of the road accidents
  • Rollover SUV and passenger van accidents
  • Chain reaction multiple car accidents
  • Fatigue related collisions
  • Bicyclists struck by cars
  • Drunken driving accidents
  • Intersection T-bone collisions
  • Deadly head-on freeway accidents
  • Back over accidents
  • Rear-end impacts
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Collisions with pedestrians

Bakersfield motor vehicle collisions can be life-changing events that cause permanent physical and emotional trauma.  Successful and proven Bakersfield car accident attorneys will have a reputation that may motivate an insurance carrier to agree to settle without extensive litigation.  The best Bakersfield car accident law firms build this reputation through proven success recovering millions of dollars in prior Bakersfield car accident lawsuits.

Seeking Monetary Recovery for Catastrophic Injuries Suffered in Bakersfield Traffic Accidents

When you are involved in a Bakersfield auto collision, you may suffer injuries that cause intense pain, disability from work and disruption of your daily life.  Many Bakersfield car accident injuries can have permanent debilitating effects including:

  • Impaired communication skills
  • Diminished judgment and cognitive skills
  • Chronic pain
  • Quadriplegia and paraplegia
  • Loss of nerve sensation
  • Short-term or long-term memory loss
  • Inability to work or continue in one’s chosen occupation

These types of injuries often result from catastrophic type injuries including spinal cord injuries, head and brain injuries, amputation of limbs and other serious injuries.  While broken bones, whiplash, back injuries, shoulder injuries or other soft tissue injuries may eventually heal, they can result in prolonged periods of physical pain, emotional stress and disability.  These types of injuries may cause financial hardships and may impair your quality of life and interfere with your relationship with your family.  A Bakersfield car accident attorney may be able to seek a wide array of damages including, but not limited to the following:

  • Loss of past income and future decreased earning capacity
  • Costs related to treatment and rehabilitation
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Loss of services and companionship of a spouse
  • Vehicle repair or replacement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Compensation for disfigurement

If a careless, inattentive or indifferent driver turns your life upside down by causing serious injury in an avoidable Bakersfield traffic collision, a Bakersfield car accident attorney may be able to help you steer clear of insurance company traps.  An experienced and skilled Bakersfield traffic collision lawyer may be able to assist you with motor vehicle collisions throughout Kern County.

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