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While any driver or vehicle occupant faces a risk of being injured or losing a loved one in a motor vehicle accident, drivers and passengers in Long Beach face the elevated risks that come with tourists that are unfamiliar with the area that are here to see the Queen Mary, take a cruise to Catalina or visit other area tourist attractions. Because of the proximity of Long Beach to the border of Mexico, there are also many illegal immigrants who cannot lawfully obtain a drivers� license or insurance coverage. These high risk factors along with the horrors of traffic on the 710 and 405 freeways can create a �perfect storm� resulting in Long Beach car accidents that cause severe physical, mental and fiscal hardships. This perfect storm never happens when people expect it so they are often unprepared for the challenges that a car accident can cause.

Long Beach Car Accident Claims May Involve Many Types of Vehicles

When you suffer serious injury in a Long Beach car accident it not only impacts you but may have a profound effect on your family. Medical bills can spiral out of control while there is no income being generated because you are unable to return to work for a prolonged period. As the medical and household bills become overwhelming, valuable assets including your family home may be placed in jeopardy. It is important if you are involved in a car accident to seek the immediate advice and legal representation of a Long Beach car accident lawyer. There are many litigation traps that can derail a valid Long Beach car accident claim, such as failing to comply with time limits for pursuing your claim, making statements that damage your claim and signing documents that waive your rights or limit your remedies. You should always seek legal representation from an experienced Long Beach car accident lawyer before speaking with an insurance adjuster for the other driver or signing any documentation.

Experienced Long Beach car accident attorneys may be able to represent you in a wide range of motor vehicle accidents including those involving the following vehicles:

  • SUVs or passenger vans that roll over
  • Single car accidents involving injured passengers
  • Chain reaction multi-car collisions
  • Tractor-trailer accidents involving negligent drivers and indifferent trucking companies
  • Motorcycles that collide with other vehicles or that the rider lays down
  • Pedestrians struck by motor vehicles
  • Collisions between bicycles and cars, trucks or SUVs
  • Buses that collide with other vehicles or hit pedestrians

Who May Be Liable for a Long Beach Car Accident?

The principle legal theory that governs issues of liability for accidents involving cars in Long Beach is negligence. Negligence in simple terms is essentially the failure to use reasonable care to avoid a foreseeable harm to another. Most Long Beach car accidents are caused by a negligent driver, but negligence by other parties may also contribute to or cause a serious traffic collision including:

  • Public entities that fail to maintain or design safe roadways
  • Employers that permit employees to drive company vehicles while texting
  • Family members that make vehicles available for family use
  • Manufacturers of defective vehicle components (e.g. tire tread separation, defective airbags)
  • Car owners that entrust vehicles to those they should know lack ability or experience to drive safely
  • Automakers that design vehicles with defects like sudden unintended acceleration

An experienced Long Beach car accident lawyer will typically analyze the potential liability of all potential parties whose unsafe conduct may have contributed to a traffic accident. This can be important even where liability is reasonably clear like when you are rear-ended at an intersection while stopped for a red light. If the driver that rear-ended you does not have insurance nor adequate liability coverage to compensate you for your losses, it may be essential also to pursue your claim against other viable defendants with adequate insurance coverage. Even where no other viable defendants emerge, an experienced Long Beach car accident lawyer may be able to assist you in successfully pursuing a claim against your own insurance company if you have comprehensive coverage or UM/UIM coverage.

Determining Liability in a Long Beach Auto Collision

The types of negligent conduct that may cause a Long Beach car accident are virtually unlimited, but some common examples include the following:

  • DUI/DWI (driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol)
  • Using a mobile phone or other handheld device to send and receive texts
  • Exceeding posted speed limits or California�s basic speed law
  • Defective vehicle components (faulty tires)
  • Tailgating other drivers
  • Zigzagging in and out of traffic
  • Roadways that are not designed or maintained properly
  • Disregarding traffic signs or signals
  • Failure to pay attention because you are eating, drinking, reading, putting on makeup or otherwise multi-tasking
  • Non-compliance with California Rules of the Road
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Aggressive driving

While these are only a few causes of Long Beach car accidents, an experienced Long Beach accident lawyer will understand the importance of a prompt and thorough investigation of a Long Beach car accident claim to preserve evidence and develop the strongest possible litigation strategy. Many times car accident lawyers in Long Beach will utilize accident reconstruction experts to develop the most persuasive litigation or settlement strategies.

Seeking Compensation to Rebuild After Serious Long Beach Auto Accidents

When you or someone you love suffers serious injuries or you lose someone you love because of the careless or reckless (grossly negligent) conduct of another driver or other individual or entity, it can mean grueling physical pain, difficult rehabilitation, overwhelming stress and anxiety as well as staggering financial challenges. Long Beach car accidents often result in a wide range of injuries including:

  • Head injuries including bruising or bleeding of the brain
  • Back injuries including disc injuries and other spinal cord injuries
  • Limb injuries including broken bones, dislocation, torn tendons or ligaments and even amputation
  • Whiplash injuries to the neck and back
  • Emotional trauma (extreme emotional distress and post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • Fatalities

When you suffer severe injuries in a car accident or a family breadwinner is taken from a family, the recovery you obtain in a Long Beach car accident claim can be the basis for rebuilding and allow a surviving spouse to continue to provide for his or her family. There are many types of compensation that a Long Beach car accident lawyer may be able to help you obtain including:

  • Costs of medical care associated with your accident
  • Rehabilitative and supportive care for long-term disability
  • Replacement income for forfeited wages and future disability
  • Intangible losses including emotional distress, pain and suffering, diminished enjoyment of life
  • Damage to property like vehicle damage
  • Loss of services and companionship of a spouse
  • Costs associated with fatalities (burial or funeral expenses)
  • Punitive damages to punish gross negligence

If you or someone you love is injured in a Long Beach car accident, the quality of your legal representation can play a substantial role in the financial compensation that you obtain in a Long Beach car accident settlement or lawsuit. An experienced Long Beach car accident lawyer may be able to help you maximize your recovery by trading on a proven track record and reputation for results. An experienced Long Beach car accident lawyer can assess your case and advise you of your legal rights so call today!

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