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People travel from all over to visit tourist attractions in Anaheim and the surrounding areas including Disneyland, Midievil Times, Knott’s Berry Farm and others. While tourists can be a boom for the local economy, a surge of drivers navigating unfamiliar roads while distracted by maps, tour guide books and GPS devices can easily result in Anaheim car accidents involving distracted or confused drivers. If you are involved in a car accident while visiting Southern California tourist attractions like the Magic Kingdom, a car accident can mean spending your vacation in the hospital. Anyone who suffers serious injury in an Anaheim car accident is likely to experience serious difficulties including physical pain, time consuming and costly medical treatments and the prospect of lost income.

An experienced Anaheim car accident lawyer recognizes the toll that injuries incurred in a serious Anaheim car accident can have on your life. Car accident attorneys know that beyond the physical and financial impact of suffering serious injury in an Anaheim auto collision, the emotional stress and impact on one’s quality of life can be significant including the effect on one’s family interactions. Although an Anaheim car accident lawyer cannot alleviate a car accident victim’s physical pain, restore an injury victim’s physical or mental capacity, a car accident lawyer can fight for the compensation to permit you to maintain the highest quality of life feasible given your injuries or loss.

Identifying Viable Defendants in Anaheim Car Accidents

Most Anaheim car accidents are caused by the negligent or reckless conduct of other drivers, but they also may result from negligence by other parties, including those who produce faulty motor vehicles or governmental entities that fail to provide safe road ways. The legal basis for most personal injury claims brought by an Anaheim car accident lawyer will typically be the principle of negligence. Negligence in the context of a motor vehicle collision essentially refers to conduct that causes an unreasonable risk of harm to other drivers, vehicle passengers and pedestrians.

Although unsafe drivers are the most typical defendant in an Anaheim car accident lawsuit, there are many accidents where there may be several parties that are responsible for causing an Anaheim traffic collision. These parties may include manufacturers of motor vehicles or vehicle components, employers and family members that negligently entrust vehicles to drivers that they should know are unsafe, vehicle repair shops that do not perform appropriate repairs and even municipalities and other government bodies that fail to properly construct or maintain public roads.

An Anaheim car accident lawyer can carefully investigate a motor vehicle collision so that all personal injury defendants can be named. Because California drivers are required to carry no more than $15,000 in liability coverage for an individual accident victim and $30,000 cumulative for all victims, the importance of including all potential defendants can hardly be understated. An employer or public entity may often have far more insurance coverage than an individual motorist so that there are more available funds to compensate an Anaheim car accident victim for his or her injuries.

Basis for Imposing Liability in Anaheim Car Accident Lawsuits

While the legal basis for imposing liability in most Anaheim car accidents is negligence by another party, the forms that this unsafe conduct can take are multi-faceted. Some accidents are simply a product of human error where others are the result of drivers knowingly engaging in high risk driving behavior. When the driving behavior of a motorist is so unreasonable as to constitute a conscious disregard for the safety of others, it may even justify the imposition of punitive damages. A qualified Anaheim car accident law firm will have the experience, resources and skills to provide effective legal representation in many motor vehicle accident claims including those involving the following:

  • Reckless drivers that engage in aggressive driving behaviors
  • Drivers that violate California traffic laws
  • Inattentive drivers that fail to keep their mind, hands and eyes focused on their driving
  • Motorists that fail to take breaks or get adequate rest during prolonged periods behind the wheel
  • Those that fail to obey right of way laws at intersections or comply with traffic controls
  • Drivers who refuse to drive the speed limit
  • Driver indifference to adverse weather or heavy traffic conditions
  • Overloaded top heavy vehicles like SUVs, passenger vans or tractor-trailers
  • Tailgating drivers who allow no time to brake or engage in other evasive maneuvers
  • Vehicle manufacturers that fail to detect product defects or promptly recall defective vehicles
  • Public bodies that fail to properly repair or alter unsafe roads

This is only a small sampling of negligent conduct that may be responsible for causing a serious Anaheim auto accident, which may involve the full spectrum of vehicles including passenger cars, 15-passenger vans, SUVs, tractor-trailers, buses, bicycles and virtually any other type of motor vehicle. An experienced Anaheim car accident lawyer may utilize an accident reconstruction expert and extensive discovery to develop the relevant facts to build the strongest settlement or litigation approach to your auto accident claim.

Serious Anaheim Auto Accident Injuries Necessitate Serious Legal Representation

When a major Anaheim car crash occurs, it can cause result in physical and psychological scars that last a lifetime. Serious debilitating injuries can limit your ability to work, to enjoy daily life activities and to care for your family. The medical treatment and supportive care associated with catastrophic injuries can easily exceed a million dollars over an accident victim’s lifetime. Common injuries from motor vehicle collisions may result in physical limitations like lack of mobility and sensation or impaired mental functioning. The injuries that you may experience in an Anaheim auto accident may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Debilitating whiplash that may cause pain and disability for months
  • Damage to the spinal cord causing paraplegia or quadriplegia
  • Severe brain injury impairing cognitive functioning
  • Bone crush injuries or other fractures and broken bones
  • Severed extremities like arms and legs
  • Severe disfiguring burns
  • Fatal injuries

These types of injuries can result in enormous financial challenges for the family of an Anaheim car accident victim. If the injury victim earned much or all of the family’s household income, household bills may go unpaid and medical expenses may mount. Some personal accident victims that do not seek legal assistance to address these financial obstacles are driven to the brink of bankruptcy. When you speak to a knowledgeable Anaheim car accident attorney, the attorney can advise you regarding your right to certain types of compensation, including tangible damages like lost past and future income, and medical expenses as well as damages that are harder to quantify like pain and suffering, damage to your marital relationship and your loss of enjoyment of a pain free life. The specific damages that may be available in your Anaheim car accident case will vary based on the specific facts and circumstances of your situation so the best course of action is to contact an experienced Anaheim car accident lawyer.

If you or someone you love is injured in an Anaheim car accident, time is of the essence in seeking legal advice because there are strict time limits for initiating an Anaheim car accident lawsuit. An experienced Anaheim car accident lawyer may be able to help you maximize your recovery by trading on a proven track record and reputation for results so call today!

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