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Preserving the Quality of Life for Accident Victims with Brain Damage – Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers

When an accident victim suffers serious injury in a California car accident, it can impose extreme hardships on the accident victim and the victim’s family along with difficult financial burdens. These challenges may never be greater than when a California car accident victim suffers a traumatic brain injury. The brain damage caused by this type of injury may mean that the victim’s quality of life is permanently diminished and that the victim may even need permanent supportive care. It is especially tragic that traumatic brain injuries that can impair a person’s personality, reasoning skills, memory, and ability to engage in even the most basic physical and mental function is often caused by nothing more than another driver’s impatience or indifference to the injury of others.

Because California car accident lawyers frequently see car accident victims with catastrophic injuries, including traumatic brain injury, they understand the special challenges faced by victims who suffer this type of devastating and debilitating injury. The cost of medical treatment and supportive care can easily exceed a million dollars. Depending on the severity of a traumatic brain injury, a California car accident victim may need permanent nursing care and assistance for even the most basic functions. This type of catastrophic injury also may leave the victim unable to earn a living or support a family. Traumatic brain injury attorneys aggressively pursue justice and fair compensation so that those whose carelessness or inattention derail the lives of others are held accountable for their actions.

More than fifty percent of all traumatic brain injuries are suffered in motor vehicle accidents. These devastating head injuries often occur during car accidents when the intense force of impact fractures or penetrates the skull. A traumatic brain injury may occur when the head of the vehicle occupant strikes the windshield, dashboard or other hard surface within the vehicle. This type of injury resulting in serious brain damage may occur even when there is no actual penetration by a foreign object or a skull fracture, which is often referred to as a closed head injury.

Occupants of the motor vehicle during a California car accident may suffer a traumatic brain injury simply from the force of the brain impacting the hard bony structure of the skull. This type of impact can occur because even as a vehicle occupants head comes to a sudden stop the brain within the skull may continue moving and impact the hard interior of the skull. This may cause bleeding into the space between the brain and the skull, which may cause pressure on the brain. This type of bleeding from the brain is often referred to as a “brain hemorrhage.” The force of the brain striking the inside of the skull may also cause bruising of the brain otherwise referred to as a “contusion.”

Both of these types of brain injury caused by the impact of the soft tissue of the brain against the hard bony structure of the skull are particularly dangerous injuries. Sometimes victims who suffer bleeding of the brain or a brain contusion do not immediately realize that they have suffered a potentially life-threatening injury. There are cases where the injury victim functions completely normal with nothing more than a mild headache for some period of time before suddenly lapsing into a coma. If you suffer even the most minor head injury during a California car accident, you should absolutely seek medical attention to ensure there is no more serious head injury that may later become apparent. Sometimes the severe injuries caused by trauma to the head or brain from a car accident take hours to become apparent as the brain continues to bleed and the pressure on critical areas of the brain continues to increase.

When a vehicle occupant’s head actually strikes a hard surface within the vehicle, this type of injury is often called a “blunt force trauma.” This type of injury may occur when a vehicle occupant’s head is thrown against the windshield; an occupant is ejected from the vehicle; or the victim suffers roof crush injuries during a rollover accident. While California car accidents resulting in traumatic brain injuries are caused by negligent drivers who are speeding, texting, driving drunk, running red lights or otherwise engaged in unsafe driving practices, the crashworthiness of the vehicle must also be evaluated. Crashworthiness refers to the structural ability of the vehicle to protect occupants during a collision.

For example, an SUV that is top heavy and more inclined to be involved in rollover accidents may have inadequate roof strength resulting in roof crush injuries. Alternatively, the door latches or door locks may have defects that cause the doors to fly open during a collision increasing the risk of a vehicle ejection. If you suffer more serious injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury because of a defect in the vehicle, you may also have a product liability claim against the vehicle manufacturer.

If you or someone you love suffers a traumatic brain injury in a California car accident, you may be entitled to substantial compensation for your injuries. An experienced California car accident traumatic brain injury attorney can investigate your claim and advise you of your rights and options. Our traumatic brain injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation so call today to learn about your rights and remedies.

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