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What is a reasonable amount for my settlement?

Question: While driving my motor vehicle, I was rear-ended on the freeway and had suffered whiplash. I was the first of the four cars that were involved in the accident. I went to my doctor after a week and had X-rays taken of my neck and everything looked fine. The insurance company is offering me a $1,000 on top of all my medical bills. What is a fair settlement for this kind of injury/accident?

Answer: Remember, insurance companies are a business. Their primary goal, as with any business, is to maximize profits. They do so by offering their clients very low (oftentimes extremely un-deserving) settlements. Given that you haven’t waited enough time to fully evaluate your physical injuries and determine whether the injuries are permanent or long-term, you may be entitled to much more. Contact a personal injury attorney in your area as soon as you can. That attorney should be familiar with the potential value of cases in your area given your details. Most personal injury attorneys will offer you a free consultation and, if necessary, represent you on a contingent fee basis, so you really have nothing to lose by calling a local attorney.

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