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What is California’s car accident injury claim timeframe?

Question: I’m currently being sued for an accident I was involved in roughly 7 month ago. I have pictures of the accident and the other driver’s vehicle, which had minor dents on the rear bumper. I called the highway patrol to send an officer to the scene to place a police report on the accident, but the phone operator refused to send a highway patrol officer to the scene because she said that there is no need for the police to be present if there was no injured person; they requested that I simply exchange personal information with the other driver. So there is no police report. What do I do?

Answer:  If no one was hurt, then chances are your insurance company either couldn’t come to an agreement, or was acting too slow, and that is why you were served. In the state of California, there is a two year statute of limitations for personal injuries, and a 3 year statute of limitations for property damages. If you are being sued, you must contact an experienced attorney in your area today. Your attorney will guide you with how to properly deal with the insurance carriers involved such that the outcome works out in your interest. If you have no carrier, ask for an extension to answer and figure out how to get an answer on file. Do not let time go by without taking care of this, contact an experienced attorney in your area immediately for guidance on how to properly handle this situation.

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